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The Charmed Crystal L.L.C. designs unique natural crystal jewelry to help ease the negative effects of illnesses as well as help you attract and manifest your deepest desires. Wearing natural crystal and gemstone jewelry is a beautiful way to benefit from their amazing abilities. You can be stylish while receiving the metaphysical properties of each healing stone. 

The Charmed Crystal L.L.C. designs natural crystal healing jewelry to promote the well-being of the human body. We offer affordable luxury and holistic solutions that promotes healing and manifesting life desires for the highest good. Our gemstones and crystals are cleansed with white sage upon completion riding them of all negative energy, then blessed with the highest intent through prayer and sacred Reiki energy. This allows for the stone's best abilities and highest vibration to come forth achieving the best desired outcome.


White Sage Smudge Stick

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"We are an Online Store"


All of products are handcrafted and shipped from Plymouth, Michigan U.S.A.



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9AM. to 5PM. EST.

General Questions Email: thecharmedcrystal@yahoo.com

You can find our full jewelry collection now at

Wick and Candle located at 34393 Plymouth Rd. Livonia MI 48150



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