My Story

Owner Of The Charmed Crystal L.L.C.

Hello, My name is Melanie.


I have always had a great love for crystals and gemstones. My favorite hobby is going rock hounding. My life purpose is to bring healing to others using my spiritual gifts, crystal knowldge, and research in holistic healing of illnesses. I started researching information about natural crystals and gemstones and their amazing healing abilities. I have researched many Illnesses and their negative effects they have on the human body.  I am destined to learn everything there is to know about crystal healing. I am a certified Holy Fire III Reiki Master Practioner, Crystal Reiki Master Healer, Jewelry Designer, Intuitive, and Business Owner of The Charmed Crystal LLC. I feel encouraged to lead and help as many people as I can with Crystal and Reiki healing. I combine both Crystal Healing and Reiki Healing together and make healing jewelry out of beautiful high-quality natural crystal and gemstone beads. This way my customers can benefit from the crystal's healing abilities and be blessed with Holy Fire Reiki healing energy.


I design natural crystal Reiki infused jewelry with a purpose. I design natural crystal Reiki infused jewelry to help ease the negative effects of illnesses as well as attract one’s life desires. Each healing and attracting bracelet I design is infused with sacred Reiki healing energy upon completion to bring the natural vibration that each stone carries to its highest vibration for the best healing and manifesting result. 


I incorporate crystal and Reiki healing in my everyday life, giving myself Reiki treatments and wearing my crystal jewelry every day. Following my life path, who knew I would have made it where I am today. I found my life purpose, seen and done such wonderful things, and have met and helped so many amazing people along the way. I am a proud vendor at many Holistic and Psychic fairs as well as some craft shows around my home town Plymouth Michigan. I continue to learn about crystals metaphysical properties and illnesses every day to provide more beneficial healing jewelry choices for my valued customers. My life mission is helping others become a better healthier version of them selves.



                By. Melanie Kinzer