Moon pendant measures 1"x 1.5" inches
Stainless Steel framed glass crescent moon shaped locket/pendant
Natural Blue Topaz Chips
Chain Length: 22" inches
Stainless Steel Cable Necklace Chain


Blue Topaz - A stone of creative inspiration and mental clarity. It is a marvelous talisman for artists, musicians, authors, inventors, or anyone expressing their creative side. It carries a marvelous energy for tapping into higher realms of awareness in order to channel Divine wisdom and knowledge, and for connecting with one’s spirit guides, angels, loved ones and Ascended Masters. It is a natural magnifier of psychic abilities, assisting those who wish to attune to inner guidance, as well as those who serve others through readings or spiritual healing. A stone of love and good fortune, and is highly effective for bringing successful attainment of goals. It is the birthstone for December and Zodiac sign for Sagittarius.

Blue Topaz Moon Locket Necklace

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  • Packaged in an organza bag great for gifting complete with an information card about Blue Topaz an its amazing abilities.