Pendant Size Aprox. 2" inches round

Silver Plated Wire and Pendant (Owl Charm)

22"inch Stainless Steel Cable Chain Necklace

Genuine Citrine Crystal Chips


Citrine - Wear citrine jewelry to uplift your spirit. Citrine is known to absorb negativity and emit positivity, the perfect crystal to get you out of a slump. Citrine is a stone of happiness. It radiates with sunny vibes that encourage you to look toward the light of a new day. Blessing you with hope, citrine keeps you from feeling defeated even after experiencing a loss. Promotes success, prosperity, wealth, and abundance. Increases clarity of thought and enhances creativity and happiness. Stimulates the mind and assists in learning. Brings out radiance from within and a cheerful disposition. Stimulates openness and intuition. Clears negative energies. Strengthens your will, motivation and determination. Assists in overcoming addictions. Aids against depression, melancholy, and stimulates the mind and soul if you can’t detach from grief and anxiety.

Citrine Tree Of Life Owl Necklace

  • Packaged gift ready in an organza bag, complete with an information card about Citrine and its amazing abilities.