Stainless steel framed glass heart locket/pendant filled with natural Clear Quartz chips.

22" Stainless steel cable chain necklace.
Pendant size approx. 1"in Tall x 1in 1/8" Wide


Amplifies physical energy and thoughts. Assists with spiritual development and removing any energy blockages within the body. Keeps one in touch with their higher self. Stimulates, opens and activates all the chakras. Promotes calmness and clarity. Enhances communication with guides and amplifies psychic abilities. Raises and amplifies the energy level of any other healing stone that it touches. Use for carsickness, seasickness, and dizziness. Good for the heart, lymph nodes, lungs, blood circulation, metabolism, and colon. Aids against Leukemia and hormonal problems. Relieves pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism. Helps high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Use in cases of morning sickness.


The power of crystals and gemstones lies in their ability to hold and transmit energy. Each type of crystal has its own unique characteristics and metaphysical abilities to aid our lives in different ways. This elegant necklace serves as much more than just a necklace - it provides balance and healing within your soul to refuel the positive energy within yourself and encourage the manifestations within your life to help you achieve your dreams. 



Clear Quartz Heart Locket Necklace

  • Packaged gift ready in a pretty organza bag, complete with an information card about Clear Quartz and its amazing abilities.