Designed in a combination of high-quality natural crystal and gemstone beads to help ease the negative effects of Stress.


Materials used: 8mm and 10mm natural Rose Quartz, Lapis, and Clear Quartz beads withTibetan silver accents. Handcrafted with lots of love, patience, and time. Hand strung on strong elastic stretch cord. 

Lapis - It is one of the most sought after stones for healing and is perfect for clearing away emotional baggage. It is also considered the stone of wisdom and truth. Use this crystal to enhance your memory and help relieve anxiety, especially when you’re overloaded by stress at work. 

Rose Quartz - Facilitates the release of pent up emotions such as grief, anger, resentment, and other negative emotions that can cause dis-ease within oneself.  Meditating with Rose Quartz can help dispel stress by encouraging love, compassion, and forgiveness. 

Clear Quartz - A master healer that also amplifies the healing energy of other crystals. Balances your emotions, raises your spiritual energy to the highest possible level. Excellent for unblocking energy, helps with memory and concentration. Helps you to change negative thoughts or conditions into positive ones, especially if you’re correctly motivated. Harmonizes all your Chakras.


Affirmation: "I am letting go of my worries. I am free from stress. My mind is calm and my body is at peace. I release all tension from my mind and body.”


REIKI INFUSED The power of crystals and gemstones lies in their ability to hold and transmit energy. Each type of crystal has its own unique characteristics and abilities to aid our lives in different ways. Our jewelry designs are energetically cleansed with White Sage then infused with sacred Reiki energy upon completion. Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing technique that promotes healing and helps set the intention to heal our bodies, manifest our life desires, and reach goals for the highest good. Reiki energy is used to raise the natural vibration of the crystals and gemstones to achieve their strongest abilities for their best performance and results. Wearing natural crystal and gemstone jewelry is a beautiful way to benefit from their amazing metaphysical properties and abilities.

Stress Relief Bracelet

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  • Hold your bracelet in both of your hands. Focus on the desire you want to achieve. Say an affirmation or prayer to activate the crystals and gemstones with your intention to achieve goals, healing, and manifesting desires in your life. Wearing your bracelet every day and saying your affirmation keeps a positive mindset, connecting you with the crystals and working together towards your desired outcome for the highest good.